Election 2020 Voter Fraud


The Democrats have been engaged in voter fraud for decades and have become experts at it.  Typically it is just a small percentage of fraudulent votes target toward key precincts and races that make it more difficult to identify.  But in 2020 the Dems were so determined to remove President Trump that they were willing to engage in massive fraud to the tune of hundreds of thousands of ballots.  There were many methods used to accomplish this, but a primary one was to obtain ballots fraudulently created, and then to tie them to an actual registered voter so they appear legit.  The voter of course would not have actually voted in this election.  This is the case with about 1/3 of registered voters based on national averages, so there are a lot of potential voters to choose from.  Once you understand what happened a lot of the unusual occurrences around election day start to fall into place, including:

  • How the percentage of eligible voters that voted could be so high in some areas, including precincts where there were more votes than registered voters.

  • How President Trump could be significantly ahead at the end of election evening but be behind in the morning.  This was the period when a large portion of the ballot dumping took place.

  • Why the vote counting in the key States stopped that evening.  The Dems needed the early hours of the morning to manufacture the ballots and assign them to voters that did not vote that day without the eyes of the pesky poll watchers.

  • Why the vote swing was so dramatic during this time.  The Dems had completely under estimated the strength of the Patriot vote for President Trump.  They saw the situation in the key battleground States as the election was drawing to a close and knew they were going to lose.  Their only option at that point was to manufacture hundreds of thousands of Biden votes across multiple States.  This will prove to be their undoing as fraud on this massive of a scale will be much easier to identify and prosecute. 

  • Why the poll workers were so insistent on keeping the poll watchers away, either moving them so far away they couldn't see what they were doing, or boarding up windows so no one could see in, or even having the watchers completely removed.  They needed privacy to implement this approach to finding unvoted registered voters and completing the fraudulent ballots for Biden.


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The Plot to Steal America
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