Welcome to the Veterans page!  We know that there are hard times going on and we want to share with you what we are seeing going on right now with the Military.  We have also teamed up with our Communications group to inform you on how to communicate if coms go down. If you want to be added to the Veterans group, please contact Laura Nixon on Telegram. Thank You!  


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Survival Kit
  • Water/Water Container

  • Food

  • Medications

  • Weapons and Ammo

  • Proper Clothing for different weather conditions

  • Fire starter/waterproof matches

  • Survival knife

  • Whistle

  • First Aid Kit

  • Compass

  • Cord

  • Signal Mirror

  • Cooking pot

  • Flash Light/Head Lamp

  • Space Blanket

  • Compass/map

  • Personal locator beacon

  • Comms Radio (HAM or Satillite)

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photo_2020-12-10 15.17.32.jpeg

We have come up with a plan that if we would loose communications that will suit to different needs.

HAM radio 

The goal is to put together a network of people who can communicate across the country if the internet and/or electrical grids go down. HAM radio uses radio waves and isn’t reliant on land lines or cellphones or internet. It does need a power source. There are many types of HAM radios- some are handheld so rechargeable batteries work but still need a charging source. The HAM group will keep in touch of emergency frequencies and put out a post on the Satellite Radio.

Satellite Radio

We have come up with two different radios that are the same brands but different sizes/prices. They are Garmin inReach Explorer and the Garmin inReach Mini.  We are still in the process of working the detail out on this one with forming a group for everyone to be in and one message from. the HAM can also blast information to the Satellite Radios.  There is a subscription fee that goes along with this, but I'd rather pay the fee instead of not know what it doing on.  This radio with also show your location if you need help along with other features.

CB Radios

CB radios are Citizen Band radios and can be used unlicensed as we know but have limited range. But there are some people that have made their CB radios amplified.  They will probably be on Channel 19 if this is the option that you choose to use.