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This group began on Parler in June 2020 and has rapidly grown to over 40,000 members since that time. We started out by disseminating the truth into the comments sections of Democrat social media posts. The idea is that by having thousands of people drop memes, videos and articles from truthful sources we would be able to dilute the lie. The group quickly grew into groups for individual states, which would focus on not only national issues but also issues specific to each state. We’ve been morphed into groups that would go into swing districts throughout the country and do flyer handouts and we also have a database of 2 1/2 million email addresses that we drop information to that is important for the localities as well as the nation.


Now that we are involved in saving this election, our focus has changed temporarily. We are now focusing mainly on those disputed states in the election. This will pass and then we will be able to return to our previously planned set of strategies which are listed below.



1. Promote free speech social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others and actively work to bring conservatives away from those platforms over to Parler, Rumble and Nebu2.

2. Promote conservative news networks I.e; OANN, Newsmax and other to cable providers large and small nationwide, giving consumers alternative news options.

3. Fill every political office in the country from school board to President with constitutionalists. This will require research teams, fundraising teams, candidate recruiting teams and candidates.

4. Contact advertisers who spend ad dollars on those news providers who are the purveyors of propaganda and let them know that they will lose sales by patronizing these outlets.

5. Maintain regular contact with our elected representatives and require their accountability to their constituents, not in words but in the legislation on which they vote. We have to let them know that we are watching and we have the power to primary. 

6. Begin teaching the masses that corruption in our government has no political party. Both parties have been co-opted by billionaires with a thirst for power and they simply purchase influence with our lawmakers. 

7. Engage immigrants and newly naturalized citizens to teach them the difference between the political parties

8. City report- this will require on the ground reporting from people all over the country who track down and question corrupt officials. This will go to our rumble channel and be sent via email and SM to that officials constituents.

9.  Expose and lobby states and counties that use dominion voting machines

10. Stickers for recruitment and to bring the George soros influence to public attention 

11. Fact-check the fact checkers

 12. Begin the process of establishing a parallel economy 

 13. Take control of GOP and county election offices. 



After you have been connected to your state group, you may like to be involved in one of these specific missions. Please let us know if any of these things sound interesting to you.



* State Groups: 

Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana digital warriors group

Arizona and New Mexico warriors 2

California group - Flip2Red 

Florida Digital Soldiers

Georgia and South Carolina DW



Indiana Digital Warriors 

Kentucky Digital Warriors 

Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey Digital Warriors

Michigan Warriors

Missouri Iowa And Arkansas Digital Warriors

New York DW

New England Digital Warriors Room

North Carolina DW

NV Digital Warriors

Ohio Digital Warriors


Pennsylvania Digital Warriors

Pennsylvania Street Team



Texas Warriors 

Utah Team 

Virginia and West Virginia Digital Warriors 

WA OR ID Group (Washington Oregon Idaho)

Wisconsin And Minnesota Digital Warriors



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