In the sponsors group, we call different companies to see if they would like to sponsor us.  If you would like to join our group, please contact C Jazz on Telegram.
Here is just a few that we have obtained.


Please PM CJazz your email address so the spreadsheet of vendor activity can be shared with you through Google Drive.



On this spreadsheet is a list of consumers.  Any consumer that has not already been taken by a sales member, jump on it and add your name.


Do a web search for the company’s name and affiliate program (ie. ADT and affiliate program).  Input all info for that vendor’s affiliate program onto the spreadsheet (ie. Web address, email, phone, etc.)  There is often a web application to complete.


In my request to the vendor, I introduce myself, letting them know we would like to become an affiliate.  I also let them know that we get about 200-1500+ hits to our website daily and that we have about 43K members.  I advise them that I believe it will be an awesome opportunity for both parties.  Just create a form letter for yourself and use that to send out tweaking it however you wish.


From there you wait and follow up as necessary.


Vendors are listed in ABC order on the spreadsheet.  You can add consumers as you wish.  Just keep the ABC format.  As you follow up with consumers just update the spreadsheet.  We are all using the same spreadsheet sharing it via google drive so it will update in real time.


If you are in need of a W9 form, please reach out to CJazz for a copy or for info.



PayPal is the first choice for payment using Steve’s email address:  stevenjsargent@gmail.com


A check payment is the 2nd choice.  Checks are to be made payable to All That Moves You LLC.


Steve’s email address should be used for payment notifications.  If two can be added, use Steve’s and your own.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask questions!

Please click to support the DWUSA  mission via PayPal. 



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