Digital Warriors USA Research Team


We're a group dedicated, committed volunteers and an essential cog in the greater DW community. We are the team who put in the time and sweat to help dig up the information needed to advise the leadership where best to focus DW recourses.


Current stated objectives from DW leadership:


- Create database of all elected positions with candidates from all parties. Federal, State, County and Municipalities (eg. cities & towns down to the precinct level if possible).


- Political Hacks List; eg. All "Republicans" (i.e. RINOs) who failed to support Trump in the 2020 election and in the aftermath (all levels and states) to identify targets in upcoming primaries.


- Create organization list for all funding sources supported by;

— George Soros

— Bill Gates

— Warren Buffet

— Michael Bloomberg



If interested in volunteering your time, please join the The DWUSA Intake Group on the Telegram App and once initiated, please contact @Boumtjeoumtje.