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What is Digital Warriors USA?

We are a 40,000+ “collective body” of patriots nationwide and we are taking the fight to the Democrats via social media.


What do we do?

Our objective is to change the left-wing narrative and expose the truth. 

We began this movement because we knew people like you are looking for a way to fight back against the tyranny that we see ravaging our country everyday.

How we do it:

We move as a digital army made up of 1000's of patriots. We drop doses of truth into social media platforms by using a daily “targeted strategy”. It’s really quite simple, but incredibly effective. With sufficient repetition, our goal is get Democrats to question what they’ve been told.


Who are our targets?

We implement our mission via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by posting a daily message into the “comment sections” of each specific target. By using the comments sections, we avoid getting censored by these social media platforms which is getting more and more strict everyday as we get closer to the election.


Detailed instructions are provided to help you get started. The instructions will teach you specifically how to implement the daily plan.


What kind of content is in the “daily message”?

It might be a quote, an article, a meme, a video or a photo. Each will have a message that will counter the main stream media narrative. Each is meant to educate and inform.

What’s the first step?


1. Join PARLER. PARLER is an app, similar to Twitter. But unlike Twitter, it does not censor content that they find “objectionable”.  


2. Follow @stevenjsargent1964. Steve Sargent is the creator of Digital Warriors. He will provide you with the daily strategy: i.e. The specific message and the specific target lists (links are provided). Feel free to return to each daily target and post the same links. Repetition and saturation are the keys to success.


3. Find your state. Steve will provide a link to connect with other members in your state.

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We Were There!

Digital Warriors from around the USA joined the Million MAGA March to Stop the Steal in D.C. several times.

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To connect directly with Digital Warriors USA please download the Telegram app and set up an account.

You do not need to give your contacts to Telegram & is being used by Sidney Powell and Dan Bongino.

  • FIRST, Tap/Click the Telegram icon below to download the App, 

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