1. Open your PARLER app: Go to @StevenJSargent

2. Find the post for the “daily target” 

3. Copy the title and the link from Steve’s page. 

    NOTE: Only copy the title and link, not the entire post. 


4. Go to each individual target and paste into the comment section. IMPORTANT: Be sure you are opening their latest comments and paste the title and link or Meme there. (If you only hit the tweet button in front of the page, only the page owner will see it.) We want people who are reading the post to see it too.




Posting to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook


1. Open the PARLER post and touch the meme. (see below if it’s a video)

    You will see “save” at upper right. Save to your phone or computer.


2. Close PARLER and open Twitter. 

    Touch the magnifying glass at the bottom. An empty search field will open.


3. Type in the name or handle of the person you are searching for.

   • The persons account will appear. Touch it to go to their account.

   • Scroll down to their latest post. Scroll past the “pinned post” if there is one.

   • Open the post by touching it.  Scroll down like you are going to comment.

   • Your keyboard will pop up. Touch the photo icon at the top of your keyboard and your photos will open.

   • Find the meme that you just saved and touch it. It will load into the comment field.

   • Hit the tweet button and close. 

Move on with the same target on Instagram then on Facebook.


Instructions for copying and pasting a video link is a two-step process.

1. Open the post and then touch it. You will see a pop-up from the bottom. There will be two options. One of the options copy URL. Select copy URL.


2. Go to the target and then write the caption that I have given you that appears below the words, “today’s weapon link. “Hit the Space bar one time and then paste the link. At this point you can select everything in the field and copy before you tweet your comment so that you can simply paste into the next one.”

Take action now to help us fight for our country.