Spread the word!

join us in the fight to save our 
Constitutional Republic.

You could make some Stickers: 
  • Choose your favorite PDF below. 
  • Print on 2"x4" label sheets (10 per page).
    • Cut George Soros stickers in half for 20 per page. 
  • Stick them to surfaces where people tend to pause a moment...
If, say, you happen to own a bar or a restaurant or a gas station, feel free to stick them on the back of the bathroom stall doors, for example...
You could make some T-Shirts: 
  • Choose your favorite mirrored image below (either right-click or hold finger down on image to save). 
  • Purchase Iron-on T-Shirt Transfer paper from your local office supply store or online. 
  • Follow the instructions provided on the package.
Wear them with pride!