The Latest on the Georgia Election

OAN: Watch As Georgia Poll Workers Pull Suitcases of Fraudulent Ballots After Sending Poll Watchers Home

The Trump legal team continues to battle it out in Georgia over recounts that just recount again the same fraudulent ballots. They have completed two recounts in Georgia that just recounted fraudulent ballots which is completely useless.  See the article where Governor Kemp is finally calling for a full signature audit of the vote.  He is finally listening to the demands of the citizens of this country.  And now is the time to put the pressure on Secretary Raffensperger.  Please click on this web link and enter Georgia as the location to find his contact information.  And either via phone or email or social media demand that he do his job and safeguard the vote in Georgia by doing a full signature verification of the votes in the 2020 election.  And contact Senators Perdue and Loeffler as well and demand that they openly stand with President Trump for honest elections for America, and for legal penalties for the felonies that many Democrats have committed this election cycle.

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