DC Rally Dec 12, 2020
A Special Thank You to all the Volunteers!

These are pictures and clips of what has been happening at the Washington DC Rally.

Let the March Begin! 

So many Patriots!

Blue Lives Matter

Blue Lives Matter

The Proud Boys Escorting Patriots back to their Hotels or Cars!

Uber refused to help!

Did President Trump fly over? 

Wave everyone!!

Let's not forget about the Speeches....

And the Patriots start being attacked.

The Police drawing out Antifa by using tear gas.

Secret Psyop Agent Bill Hicks just resurfaced in DC with words of motivation.

Proud Boys on the move again

Antifa/BLM stabs one of the Proud Boys with a Knife.

Meet the person who stabbed the Proud Boy.  He didn't get very far!

Antifa/BLM planned on doing hits on the Proud Boys by stabbing them.  Four were stabbed and 33 were arrested. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  They were fighting for our rights!

Going to DC and doing this rally was an experience like no other. It was like going into a war zone and coming out with battle scars.

And here are some extra videos that our own DWs took...ENJOY!

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