Voter Fraud Investigation Steps


What needs to be done to identify these fraudulent votes:

  • As discussed previously, the one of the primary fraud scenarios is registered voters that actually did not vote.  We know it impacts deceased voters, and many who have died have already been identified as showing voted.  But it can be anyone that did not vote for whatever reason, either illness or just not getting around to it.  The first step is identifying the potential non-voters.  So talk to your close friends and family members, including considering those that may have passed away.

  • The second step will be to acquire some key personal information on these voters that will be used to access the State voter database.  This can often be their birthday, but it does vary from state to state.

  • The next step will be to access the voter database for that individual to determine if they voted.  If it shows they have voted but you know they did not, they were a victim of voter fraud.

  • If you determine an individual is a victim of voter fraud, please contact Project Veritas via email at, or call them at 914-653-3110.

This is particularly urgent for the key battleground states of PA, MI, WI, NC, GA, NV and AZ.  This will be one of the methods that we use to uncover the perpetrators of these crimes, bring them to justice, and maintain a fundamental right in our country, which is the right of citizens to vote with equal influence.  Go forth citizen voter fraud investigators and help identify these criminals!

For a simpler process, checkout this website, particularly for the battleground states.

And if doing your duty as an American citizen is not reward enough in itself, you can also gain a little cold, hard cash!