Greetings Mr/Ms/Senator/Governor,

It’s no secret that our nation is more divided than probably at

any time in our history. It has become abundantly apparent

that the two sides of the political spectrum can no longer

peacefully co-exist. Those in power are actively engaged in

a full on censorship campaign against their ideological

opponents and they have made it no secret that they plan to

further strip the rights of those who disagree with their

radical ideology. We who cherish freedom and liberty must

have a place to go as America is on a fast track to become a

nation that is unrecognizable.

With these things in mind, I am urging you to immediately

initiate the process of secession of the state of Florida or Texas

from the United States. In my estimation, this must be done

swiftly. Please don’t wait until the next session, as it may be

too late.

Thank you

Secession Letter to Texas & Florida Lawmakers



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