Help us take back

our Republic!

Who are we?
We the People (Patriots) of Digital Warriors USA began on Parler in June of 2020 and have grown rapidly to more than 40,000 members…
What Have we done?

We began by responding to the MSM propaganda with countering drops of Truth within the comment sections of TARGET Democrat SM in an effort to dilute the countless force-fed lies. 


We have since further organized ourselves into geographical & specialized groups. We often unite within our ranks as needed to share the burden imposed within specific (often nearby) localities—sometimes even outside of one’s own comfort zone (such as the nearby swing states’ flyer handout needs, the 2 1/2 million targeted emails, numerous phone calls to influential representatives, etc.)…

What do we do now?
THEY are trying to steal this election; we have temporarily adjusted our strategies… Follow the NEW @StevenjSargent1964 on Parler and/or join the conversation on Telegram and if not to simply know how, then maybe participate—participate only if you’d like to STAY FREE...
What do we do next? 
(after this particular battle)


Once this Storm has passed, We, the People have strategies to apply to the real world (for everyone that would like to contribute) shortly…



~written by Patriots Contributing Anonymously on December 28, 2020.



To connect directly with Digital Warriors USA please download the Telegram app and set up an account.

You do not need to give your contacts to Telegram & is being used by Sidney Powell and Dan Bongino.

  • FIRST, Tap/Click the Telegram icon below to download the App, 

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Help Us Take Back Our Republic!

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