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Who are we?
We the People (Patriots) of Digital Warriors USA began on Parler in June of 2020 and have grown rapidly to more than 40,000 members…
What Have we done?

We began by responding to the MSM propaganda with countering drops of Truth within the comment sections of TARGET Democrat SM in an effort to dilute the countless force-fed lies. 


We have since further organized ourselves into geographical & specialized groups. We often unite within our ranks as needed to share the burden imposed within specific (often nearby) localities—sometimes even outside of one’s own comfort zone (such as the nearby swing states’ flyer handout needs, the 2 1/2 million targeted emails, numerous phone calls to influential representatives, etc.)…

What do we do now?
Join our specialized groups of conversations on Telegram and if not to simply know how, maybe to participate—participate only if you’d like to STAY FREE...

As we move forward we must use every tool at our disposal to separate ourselves from the cancer of communism that has metastasized throughout American society. At the moment the tyrants hold the reins of power, however, there are things that we can do to separate ourselves and there is one possibility left to completely defeat the beast. 


 1. ABR.

Always Be Recruiting. We have several methods of spreading the word of our organization and bringing in more conservatives so that we can become one singular powerful voice. In a few short months, the direction of social media platforms has completely shifted and now conservatives are gathered on platforms that did not exist only some months ago. We must contact them and let them know that there is a group that they can join to fight this madness. We are also engaged in a ground campaign to spread our message by “wallpapering America“ with stickers that can be printed from this page: Information Warfare

 2. Secession.

The vote has been taken from us nationwide yet there are still states who maintain fair elections, for example, Texas and Florida. As our power and numbers grow, we can influence legislators in those two states to consider secession from the United States as a viable option to tyranny. Once Secession has begun, there will be a domino effect.

 3. Constitutional Convention of States.

Article 5 of the Constitution provides a method for states to create a coalition to rein in the power of the federal government. There are already 29 states who have signed on to the article 5 convention of states. We need nine more states to make this a reality. With a strong organizational effort we can influence legislators in nine additional states to join with the current coalition.

Go to this website to sign the petition and join the movement: 

States that have already signed here: 

If your state is not on the list, we need to contact lawmakers there to demand they sign on the the article 5 convention of states.


 4. Money Talks.

We are currently building what we like to refer to as, “the parallel economy.” This refers to a website where businesses will register and agree that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and they also will never require as a condition of doing business, a mask or a vaccine. This will give consumers an extensive list of companies nationwide to shop and work and will include businesses at every point in the supply chain. There will also be lists of businesses who have made it a point to support the leftist agenda and we will encourage conservatives to take their dollars elsewhere.

What do we do next? 
(after this particular battle)


We, the People continuously develop strategies to apply to the real world (for everyone that would like to contribute)…stay tuned!



~updated by Patriots Contributing Anonymously on January 24, 2021.



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